Part 1: Optical Process – Spherical vs. Anamorphic

23 thoughts on “Part 1: Optical Process – Spherical vs. Anamorphic”

  1. Great informative and educational article clearly explained. I’m researching for a WWII short film I’ll be shooting this year. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on what if any anamorphic lenses were used for Sergio Leone’s or Hitchcock’s work. Thanks so much for your time.


    1. @robertcota For the time period, I would assume that all anamorphic lenses were 2x squeeze. As for exact lenses used, not sure, but probably Panavision. Quick research shows that Sergio Leone also used 2-perf spherical to achieve a wider frame periodically.


  2. Thank you for this article, I am an emerging DOP and no one would tell me why and/or why not to use Anamorphic lenses but I have found this page to be very helpful and informative. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Enjoyed the lesson, but on a different topic of stereo imagery, or 3D…
    Never ever ever ever use telephoto lenses in a 3D movie, it produces paper thin subjects and destroys the 3D effect, to film in 3D everything about how you tell a story has to change because you cannot use telephoto, everything has to be shot with a macro lens.. The upside is you can use cheap cameras to film in 3D, the downside is if you want to zoom up on a subject you physically have to get closer to the subject, and if you want to use telephoto lenses you will have to change the left and right lens separation with the amount of zoom, this combination counters the paper thin dimensional effect witnessed when using a telephoto with a fixed left/right separation.. By the way , every 3D movie produced thus far has failed 3D when not using macro lenses.. BY THE WAY ! I have taken over ten thousand 3D photos, I know what I’m talking about, anyone can experiment with the medium..


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