Instructional Series

Not having attended any “official” film school, I am familiar with the difficulty of trying to teach yourself. The challenge is it’s 1) very time consuming and 2) hard at times to grasp concepts, especially technical ones, without someone there to help explain them.

I am by no means a “guru” of any sort, but one of my goals for starting this blog was to share information and knowledge I’ve acquired with others who have a similar passion for cinematography. How to I intend to do that?

First, by sharing a database of resources, organized by subject, that I’ve acquired over the years that can help others save time as they look for helpful information.

Second, I would like to start an instructional series of blogs discussing various aspects of the filmmaking process. Since making practical connections is an important part in learning, I would like to discuss subjects in a contextual manner. So, I plan on discussing subjects, in the order I would consider them when prepping for a project.

Stay tuned for the first part in my new instructional series: Part 1: Optical Process – Spherical vs. Anamorphic.

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