16mm filmmaking is “alive and kick’n”!

7 thoughts on “16mm filmmaking is “alive and kick’n”!”

  1. Nice! I enjoyed this post! And learned some things too. Hopefully when blackmail releases that 4.6k sensor it won’t have the same issues at the 4K sensor like the banding and so forth.

    Keep the posts coming!


  2. Hey there I just got an Arriflex SR2 and would love to play with it and experiment with it , what is the best resource to purchase super16 film stock. Thanks for the great posts , really appreciate it


      1. Thank You Man this is really helpful , I found out too that Kodak still sells film but you gotta order from them directly. really tempted to spark up my Arri Sr2 and see what it can film , actually cannot wait to see if it even works

        Thanks again



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