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Welcome to, “A Cinematographer’s Journal”!

Who am I? I am a freelance cinematographer/photographer based in New York, working primarily for non-profit organizations. I have approx. 10 years of experience in the production field ranging from small corporate projects, documentaries, & mid-sized indie features.

I did not receive any formal training in filmmaking or cinematography. My “education” has been from watching those with more experience, spending hours on the Internet scouring for every nugget of knowledge, and through trial and error.

Throughout this process I’ve discovered something…I really love this craft! 

I am not much of a writer (as most of you will soon see), so, why start a blog?

Well, I guess it’s because I just want to talk about something I’m passionate about! And, if I can help others with a similar passion by sharing what I’ve learned, then that would be awesome!

And so I start this journey. How long will it last, where will it take me? Who knows! Hope you all come along with me for the ride!

John Dimalanta


One thought on “Post No.01

  1. Looking forward to the musings! You forgot to mention (actually, you’re too modest and humble to mention) that you’re a super nice guy too. One of my favorites!


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