My Camera Bag…

Before continuing, I really recommend watching the video below first. It’s pretty entertaining! What to look for in a Bag… When looking at an equipment bag/case, there are four main considerations: Hard vs Soft Enclosure … Both have their own merits. A hard case, especially a water/weather-proofed case, will probably provide the best security for your gear. … Continue reading My Camera Bag…

2: The “Lens”

In this second part of my “revised” instructional series, we’ll discuss … the “Lens”. In the previous post we said that the all important “frame” is the stage with which we capture and display images or events to an audience. That being said, the “lens” is the glass that not only seperates but also to … Continue reading 2: The “Lens”

1: The “Frame”

So I’ve been doing some thinking about my goal to share instructive information about cinematography. I’ve found it very time-consuming and exhaustive. I have not been able to share info as quickly as I would like. So, am I giving up? No way! However, I think I will try a new approach. A simpler one … Continue reading 1: The “Frame”

Drone Training Part 1

As a cinematographer, I love all sorts of visuals. One type I’ve always appreciated is aerial photography/cinematography. For me they give the viewer a perspective that is unlike any other. Historically, aerial photography was only possible using large and expensive aircraft like planes or helicopters. I’ve only had one opportunity to shoot out of a … Continue reading Drone Training Part 1

My K.I.S.S (Keep it Super Simple) Rig Phase 1: Design

From the previous post, I mentioned some of the inspirations I had for my rig. Let’s discuss those a little more. I really liked the ErgoCine design for it’s focus on shoulder mounted ergonomics. As stated on their site, they really tried to emulate the most ergonomic camera design (by general consensus) to date – the Aaton LTR. … Continue reading My K.I.S.S (Keep it Super Simple) Rig Phase 1: Design